Organizational Learning and Development

McSEED Board and Staff

We develop long-term partnerships with anchor organizations, including non-profits, grant-makers, and public agencies, to help staff and Board members build capacity, plan for their future, and evaluate their work. We support our partners in their efforts to reflect and build on their collective wisdom and experience, and to deepen and expand the impacts and scale of their work.

What is an anchor organization?

Much of our work is focused around building the capacity of anchor organizations. Anchor organizations:

  • have the internal capacity to advance an economic/community development strategy across a multi-county region,
  • work to build strategic regional relationships, partnerships, and networks,
  • possess a willingness to evaluate, learn, and teach,
  • serve as a bridge between marginalized populations and mainstream resources, and
  • often own substantial physical assets utilized for the common good.

Why provide consistent, ongoing support to anchor organizations?

Studies have proven that a consistent system of support allows both individuals and organizations to flourish. Building long-standing partnerships with anchor organizations allow us to deeply understand their needs, establish the trust to engage in difficult work, and uncover opportunities to deepen existing work and advance regional strategies.


Roles we play
  • Facilitation
  • Strategic planning
  • Board development
  • Participatory evaluation
  • Development of measurement systems
  • Organizational learning